Already Home Book Review

by Shannon

by Susan Mallery

I’ve been reading more women’s fiction/contemporary novels lately, trying to reimmerse myself in the books I love and the books I want to write.  I decided to start reviewing and discussing what I liked about each.  First up is Already Home by Susan Mallery.

While Mallery is well known for her wonderful romances, I’ve discovered with Already Home, which is more women’s fiction than romance, she is just as wonderful!  When Jenna’s birth parents arrive in town to meet her for the first time, she’s understandably shocked. She’s never cared to search for her birth parents because she loves her adoptive parents and doesn’t need another set. The story is all about her reluctantly getting to know her birth parents, as well as herself, better. It’s about family and how much love there is to go around.

I love that the emotions running through Already Home were real and not prettied up. Not all adopted children want to find their birth parents, and Jenna’s anger at her birth parents arriving unannounced and expecting her to care, gives the book a true feel.  Her adoptive mother Beth’s vacillation between sympathizing with the woman who had given Beth the gift of a daughter back when she was a teen and her fear of losing Jenna to her real parents, along with the quirky realistic secondary characters bring this book to life.  It’s not a romance, but there is a romance in the air.  A great secondary story with Jenna’s assistant Violet makes an intriguing subplot. I highly recommend Already Home for Susan Mallery fans, as well as anyone looking for a heartbreaking, yet heartwarming, story of love and family.

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